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"So I'm going out tonight in my red high heels."

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Name:April Violet Grehsam
Birthdate:Aug 4
Location:NYC, bitches!, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ Dream Like New York


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April Violet Gresham ♥ @ redhighheels

April is the one of six children born to the big Gresham Family, and every one of them, including their folks, is a red head, which often gets them affectionately referred to as The Weasley's 2.0. April was the fourth child in the family eldest child, Julie, and two big brothers, Jacob and Charlie. Following April came Maggie and the baby of the family, Rose. The family grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and April had herself quite convinced he would never leave Florida because she loved it so much, but a recent and very unexpected turn of events saw her facing an offer she just couldn't refuse, and it meant following her three sisters to New York City.

Musical talent wasn't unfamiliar in the family, and along with Maggie and Rose, April tapped into her love of music. Maggie has just hit the big time on Broadway, and Rose is a part-time drummer for one of her best friends, Damien. April, however, went a different path and was probably always destined to grow up to be a rock chick. She loves music, and loves rock & roll. She learned how to play guitar and drums from a young age, and was giving her family concerts from about the age of 7. She was the wild child of the family and struggle with school work when she freaked out every time she didn't get perfect grades. After some other odd behaviour in her freshmen year at high school, April was soon diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and at her worst, she can lose touch with reality around her if everything isn't in the perfect order her mind believes it should be. She was started on medication, and it now controls the condition, but she is still very finicky and likes things done her own way.

April did okay in high school, but never had any notions of going to college. Rose was always the most academic of the family, and April is really proud of her, but studying drove her crazy and taunted her OCD tendencies. She preferred to just take life as it came, and she wanted to have a career in music some how. She just had to figure out what. She started her own band in the later years of high school, and it stayed together right up until her 25th birthday. It was an eclectic mix of rock, pop, and some heavy metal. Classic Rock will always and forever be her favourite genre, though. She was the lead singer and after moving to Miami after graduating high school, the band got many gigs in bars or for events around Miami that was more than enough for her to live comfortably on. It was a life she loved, and she was convinced she was set for the long run.

It was on her birthday that the big offer landed in her lap. Rose took a trip home with a few of her friends so the family could meet her new boyfriend. No one expected it to be international popstar, Angel Shaw, however. April could not believe it, and she was more than a little starstruck by Rose's new love interest. Probably embarrassingly so. And it literally made her year when she got to sing a duet with him, Karaoke style, at a beach party with all their old friends they grew up with (which turned into a disaster when Angel thumped Rose's ex when news of her past came to light, but that was beside the point). Angel was extremely impressed with how her vocals complimented his, and he offered her a job as back-up singer with his supporting band on the spot. She couldn't turn it down, and she kissed goodbye her beloved indie band and Florida life, now arriving in New York to start a whole new adventure.

April is the epitome of a rock chick. She dresses a little grungy, a little kooky, and a little rockish. Her favourite item of clothing is her red high heels, but only because she nearly broke her neck on them on stage one day and she was determined to wear the shit out of the bitches so they never pwned her again. She's loud like her little sister, Rose, but more dry and sarcastic than bubbly and bright like Rose. April is bisexual, and doesn't want kids. The idea of giving birth terrifies her. She can sometimes be a pain in the ass with her OCD tendencies, and she likes to party and have a good drink on the regular. Her family are her most treasured thing her life, closely followed by her guitar. She won't suffer fools, and will probably feel the urge to mock you if you judge her. Her worst habit is drumming on things, and if you tell her a secret, she'll take it to the grave with her.

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